Bad Drivers + Bad Roads = Bad Rep For South Carolina

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South Carolina drivers beware. One YouTube star is shining the spotlight on bad drivers in the Palmetto State to prove that traveling on our roads is a dangerous endeavor.

You may have seen a few of these videos before. YouTuber HaloMasterMind117 has been documenting his commutes for three years, and recently compiled his favorite clips into this 20 minute video:

Warning: This recording contains some foul language.

Some of his shorter videos and compilations include a great number of car crashes in busy interactions and major thoroughfares.

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

The State of South Carolina’s Roads Is Still Crumbling


For months we’ve been urging lawmakers to take action on South Carolina’s roads. South Carolina drivers are demanding a plan to fund the much needed repairs, and demanding a hearing to move these plans forward.

As we wait to see progress in the Statehouse, roads in the Palmetto State continue to cost us time, money and a whole lot of stress.

Check out this pothole that was spotted on Prentice Avenue in Columbia.


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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

Politics Won’t Fill Potholes, But It Will Cost Drivers More Every Day


The South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads says the House of Representatives is stuck in a traffic jam because of political gamesmanship

Columbia, SC – Despite the Winthrop University poll showing voters in South Carolina overwhelmingly support decisive action to fix the state’s crumbling infrastructure, the House of Representatives has yet to schedule a hearing to consider any plan.

The House appointed a special committee to study the issue over the summer, and that Infrastructure Committee made its recommendation.

But now, the House seems to be stuck in neutral, and many say it’s because state leaders are playing political games and insisting on backroom negotiations, rather than holding open committee meetings and allowing the legislative process to play out transparently.Read More

Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

National Report Highlights Horrible SC Roads


Washington, DC based research group TRIP has some sad news to share with South Carolina.

Crumbling roads are costing drivers about $3 billion annually due extra operation costs, lost time and wasted fuel from traffic congestion and crashes.

“The report was released during the first week of the 2015 legislative session as the General Assembly and governor are working to find a solution to the added $1.5 billion a year the Transportation Department estimates it needs to repair and expand the state’s deficient roads and bridges,” The State Newspaper reported.

Columbia is estimated to have the highest cost for residents at $1,250 a year per driver, followed by the Upstate which averaged $1,248 annually.

Charleston residents faced an average $1,168 in the costs.
It’s no surprise this story has captured the media, because this issue touches every corner of South Carolina.

Read more from these articles about Thursday’s press conferences:

The State Newspaper, Columbia

The Sun News, Myrtle Beach

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

Roads Are Hot Topic for Drivers, Lawmakers


Since the 2014 Election, voters have pressured South Carolina lawmakers to take action on SC roads.

Disappointed by years of neglect and politics, South Carolina drivers have had enough of the shameful interstates and dangerous highways. So what are we going to do about it?

Turn up the heat!

Roads and infrastructure have been heavy in the news in the weeks leading up to the 2015-2016 Legislative Session. Let’s take a look at the recent coverage:

January 12 – Gov. Haley’s budget offers little new money for SC roads, emphasizes education

January 9 – SC House Roads Plan Would Cut Gas Tax, Add Sales Tax

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

9 Everyday Things We Spend More on Than Roads


In South Carolina, we pay a motor user fee of 16 cents per gallon of gas.

That may seem like a lot but consider this: This fee has been stagnant since 1987.

That’s 27 years!

Back then gas cost an average of 90 cents per gallon. Today, its over $3.

Let’s break these numbers down. Combining state and federal taxes, the average South Carolina family pays about $40.97 each month to help maintain our state’s roads and bridges.

That’s just not a lot when you look at some of the things we spend our hard earned dollars on. Especially when we KNOW it’s all falling apart.

So, let’s take a look at some things that just have to be more important than the roads you drive on each day.


A cup of Starbucks coffee cost an average of $3.25. If you visit the coffee shop before work every day, that’s $65 a month and $780 a year.


Americans spend an average of $159 for electricity and natural gas. That’s nearly 3.5 times as much as we spend on roads.

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

SC Citizens Create Road Map of Shame, Take the Election “Fix Our Roads” Pledge

Contact: Bill Ross, Executive Director – SCFOR
(803) 315-2731

Columbia, SC – First, the SC Alliance to Fix Our Roads (SCFOR) played fill in the blank with citizens and the response was overwhelming. South Carolina roads are:

“Dangerous,” “Embarrassing,” or “Like a Third World Country”

The list went on with thousands of responses as South Carolinians voiced their concerns about the worsening state of our roads and bridges. In response, elected officials across the state have pledged to make fixing roads their first priority in the next legislative session.

With election season in full swing, SCFOR is announcing the launch of a fully interactive map of South Carolina on, where our state’s drivers can submit photos, videos and other information via social media with the hashtag #scroads. Messages will be uploaded to the map in real time.

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

SC House Takes Step to Solve SC Road Problems


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives Jay Lucas just announced a Special Infrastructure and Management Committee to focus on road funding and reform to the operations of the SC Department of Transportation.

This is a great first step, and we applaud Speaker Lucas for taking this action, but we know serious decisions will need to be made by this committee real soon. We look forward to seeing the solutions this committee proposes.

The details of what Speaker Lucas and Chairman White wish to accomplish is in this release from the Office of the Speaker of the House:

Improving Our State’s Infrastructure: Road Funding & DOT Reform

Speaker Pro Tempore Lucas and Chairman White appoint Special Infrastructure & Management Committee to address both road funding & agency operations

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

Deadliest and Safest Places to Drive

140909_SCFixRoads_Web1 has released a list of the deadliest and safest states to drive in the United States based on research by University of Michigan professor Michael Sivak. The rankings are based on the number of traffic fatalities per one billion miles of driven road.

The Ten DEADLIEST Places to Drive:

  1. West Virginia
  2. South Carolina
  3. Montana
  4. North Dakota
  5. Arkansas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Louisiana
  8. Mississippi
  9. Oklahoma
  10. South Dakota

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Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!

Someday SC Roads Will Get Better


Since the beginning of the Fix Our Roads campaign, voters across the state have been outspoken on the state of our roads. You’ve described them as bad, embarrassing, dangerous, awful, disgraceful, unsafe, and the list goes on.

Now is NOT the time to silence those concerns! Election day is approaching, and it’s time we kick this campaign into high gear to make sure lawmakers and candidates have fixing our roads at the top of their priority list!

Here’s what you need to know:

· One-third of all state roads are in poor condition – or worse!
· One of every 5 bridges is dangerously substandard!
· We spend $255 per year in extra car maintenance because of poor roads!
· Dangerous roads played a part in 1 out of 3 fatal accidents in 2013!

Now is the time to act! Do you have photos or videos of failing roads in your community? Share them with us to display on our interactive map so we can show legislators how big this problem has become.

Here’s how you can help:

· Share this website on Facebook and Twitter to get your friends and family involved.
· Upload your photos to our website –
· Post your photos on our Facebook page –
· Tweet photos using the hashtag #SCroads.
· Learn how candidates on your ballot plan to fix our roads.
· And most importantly, vote on November 4.

The South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads is a non-partisan, nonprofit, statewide organization made up of business leaders, associations and chambers of commerce who believe that the time to fix our crumbling roads is way overdue. Everyday that goes by that our elected officials are not taking action, it is costing you money and putting your lives at risk.

Tell legislators to stop kicking the can down our damaged roads and take action now!